Sydney, AUS: Ramadan Street Food Festival in Sydney Australia Goes Official

By Contributor  |  Islam Today


Muslims in the south-west Sydney suburb of Lakemba, Australia, are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with a grand food festival that attract thousands. 

Local Muslims have turned the streets into a vibrant food hot spot that provides all kind of meals specific for this holy month, while “boosting the local economy.” 

The big number of stalls lined up in the streets, which remain open until the early hours of the morning, offer various delicious meals from popular camel burger, chicken kebabs, Lebanese sweets to the fresh carrot juice. 

“Lakemba is the heart of Muslim Sydney; it’s really a multicultural ceremony,” Canterbury Mayor Brian Robson said. 

The food festival has been running informally for the past 10. This year, the Canterbury City Council introduced measures to formally recognise and regulate the festival and make sure that health and safety are respected. 

To meet health and safety regulations, the council of the city requires that barbecues and food stalls owners to apply for a permit in order to run their business. 

“We’ve licensed 23 stalls this year,” the mayor said. 

“We’ve met with the businesses in Haldon Street, and with their help we’ve actually regulated the use of the barbeques.” 

The increasing numbers flocking to Lakemba over the years has led to a need to formally recognise the event. 

“Last year, it was growing to such an extent that the stalls were actually going onto the road,” Mayor Robson said. 

The mayor added thar he expects thousands more to attend this year, adding “We encourage people to come along and to enjoy the facilities we’ll be providing.”