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Boston, MA: Why is Phantom Gourmet Against Food Trucks? Follow the Ad Money

Bostonians opt for a better food truck option instead.

Why Food Trucks Aren’t Going Away

The food these trucks are making has gotten better

Boston, MA: Food Truck Lottery Fair to Some, Not to Others

“The city has been really proactive in planning the program to make it fair to everyone”

Wilmington, NC: Coastal Food Trucks Band Together

They will work together to increase business and ask for the city's help in clarifying zoning laws

Torrance, CA: Food Truck Raid Outrages Fundraisers

Police raided the gathering and issued citations to trucks

How do the Food Trucks Keep on Coming to the Occupy Movement Protests?

Alliance for Global Justice has set itself up as a receiver for donations to the Occupy Movement.

Roseville, CA: Gourmet Food Trucks Roll out to Roseville

The food truck has come a long way from what was once commonly referred to as the “roach coach.”

Sacramento, CA: Progress Rolling for Food Trucks

Sacramento join the ranks of food-truck capitals such as Portland and L.A.?

Food Trucks Seek Piece of the Action in Raleigh

Downtown Raleigh Alliance, said restaurant owners are "very concerned" about the changes.

The Evolution of Food Trucks

More and more cities are adopting trucks – but the function of the truck is evolving, too!