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Wichita, KS : Another Food Truck – Official Bar-B-Q

Maples opened the truck in October and serves items such as brisket, links, pulled pork and more.

Snack Attack Food Truck Rally Closes Season for Mobile Eateries

by Kathleen St. John | AVClub.com Wave a fond farewell to food-truck season at Snack Attack on Oct. 16 at Morey Middle School (840 E....

Seattle, WA: Skillet’s Truck Stops Here

...smitten by the novelty and ingenuity they'd long ago given up on finding at eateries with floors and doors.

Food Truck Fight Finals: Red Hook Lobster vs. Solar Crepes

The competitors are the Red Hook Lobster Pound and Solar Crepes, both of which fought hard to make it to the finals.

Pizza Hut Fans Betting on Cinderella

If a 16 seed wins in the first round, Pizza Hut will deploy its mobile kitchen to each of the 48 contiguous states in the U.S. and hand out free slices of pizza at designated locations.

Welcome to the Food Truck Fight!

We set up NCAA-style brackets with our favorite 32 food trucks (click here for a ranked list and description of each), and we’re leaving it to reader voting—which starts March 1—to decide who moves on to the next round.