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Seattle, WA: Food Truck Serves Up World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog

The gourmet toppings include teriyaki grilled onions, tender beef, black truffle shavings, caviar and a special Japanese mayo.

Long Island, NY: North Fork Burger Search – Eat Me, Drink Me Food Truck

The Eat Me, Drink Me food truck pulled into Greenport for Taste North Fork last weekend and brought with them their increasingly popular 100% grass-fed beef burger.

Phoenix, AZ: New Gourmet Hot Dog Food Truck (Frank) Hits the Streets in October

Guests can opt to customize their own frank as well, starting with a natural all-beef, Polish sausage, brat, chicken sausage, or veggie dog, wrapped in a brioche or pretzel bun, and with a choice of sauce and toppings.

National News: Taco Bueno Hits the Road with First Food Truc

The truck will be serving a selection of the same great menu found in stores. Menu options may vary by event, but will typically include an assortment of soft or crispy tacos made with steak, chicken, or fresh ground beef, traditional bean, and combo burritos, Taco Bueno’s unique Muchacos, quesadillas, as well as a variety of nachos, chips, and dips. For dessert, customers can expect a cheesecake chimichanga. Additionally, menus can be completely personalized and hand-picked to fit the needs of private events.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Bulgogi Rice Platter from Seoul Food

The rice platter at Seoul Food is slightly different from other rice platters we’ve had, in that each component is separated. The beef, rice and kimchi were all in different compartments. At other places, it’s basically a one-dish meal.

Milwaukee, WI: New Food Trucks Add Flavor to Milwaukee’s Street Food Culture

Sampling offerings at 13 new trucks catering to different tastes

Clarksville, DE: Hocker’s Goes Mobile with Food Truck

The food truck’s menu features summer favorites such as half chickens and ribs, which are smoked in the smokehouse for 11 to 14 hours at a time. Greg Hocker said the smokehouse can fit up to 30 pork rounds.

Minneapolis, MN: Hibachi Daruma – A First Look at Teppanyaki on A Food Truck

Hibatchi Daruma regularly offers teriyaki chicken, beef, shrimp, or a combination of any two served over fried rice with grilled vegetables

New York, NY: Street Eats – Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes At The Supreme Burger Truck

There was a lot of ground angus beef, as well as sections of cucumbers, carrots, onions, mushrooms and lettuce placed around the bowl. There was also what we could only describe as a kimchi spread. The beef was served over your choice of white or brown rice.

Charlotte, NC: New Food Truck Spotted – Hot Box

I also ordered a side of Cheese and Herb Rissotto balls or, aranciata, as they were called in my Italian household. An order gets you three golf ball sized bites of risotto and cheese fried until golden, topped with shredded cheese and a sprinkling of herbs. I was hoping for a little more gooey cheese action in the center and a bit more sharpness from the cheese, but I'm biased. My dad made the best aranciata.