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Toronto, CAN: Why Are Food Trucks Not Welcome in Liberty Village?

They're saying food trucks take people away from local businesses, but there are studies saying they make people come out to the neighbourhood and make streets safer

Vancouver, CAN: Commercial Drive’s First Food Truck Hooked by Net of Local Politics

There’s a lot of advantages to having a food truck in the park. It brings good people to the park. People can come and picnic. We don’t see any problem with it. A few small merchants may see us as competition. We don’t know why, because 99 per cent of people like it

Hamilton, ONT: A Food Rally on Forty Wheels

Sew Hungry was a rally of 10 food trucks from around southern Ontario

Vancouver: Grilled Cheese, Korean Fusion Among Street Treats

"If you like good food, you've come to the right place," said Mayor Gregor Robertson. "This is affordable street food and it reflects Vancouver's cultural diversity -and it creates some truly new opportunities for local entrepreneurs."

Toronto: Yorkville’s Redesign Kicks Street Food Vendors Off The Curb

Apparently the Yorkville renovation left no room for several street vendors, forcing out eight hot dog stands (some of which have operated in the area for 15 to 20 years), two retailers and an ice cream truck.

Vancouver: Expanded Street Food Program Brings More Options

Vancouverites will soon have even more choices when it comes to street-food options, as the City calls for applications to its expanded food cart program.