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New York’s Gourmet Food Trucks Formed a Trade Group & Hired a Lobbyist

The owners behind 32 trucks are banding together to form the New York City Food Truck Association. The group hired Capalino & Co. to push for speedier licensing and the right to park and vend at metered spots.

The Hamptons: Competition Prompts Food Truck Rules

A hearing will be held at Town Hall tonight on a change to the town code that will put 14 public beaches or road ends up for bid by concessionaires — peddlers who will be allowed to remain at those sites for the entire season.

Hot Dogs in Naperville Huh? Get Yer Red … Tape

Joe Hornbaker has had to battle his way through the red tape of the Naperville City Council.

CupcakeStop’s Store: ‘Like A Truck That’s Indefinitely Parked’

But Last night, owner Lev Ekster opened the door to a quaint little shop in the Village.