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Fresno, CA: Let’s Resolve the Dusty Buns Dust-Up

In you weren't paying close attention these past few months, you may have missed the way Dusty Buns and its "bistro bus" rolled into town and introduced Fresno to what gourmet food truck culture is all about.

LA: The Grilled Cheese Truck Offers Comfort Food with a Gourmet Twist

The Grilled Cheese Truck is one of the many specialty food trucks in Los Angeles. Loyal fans of these popular mobile eateries can follow their favorite food trucks using Twitter or other social media.

NYC: Navigating the Maze of Food Trucks Around Campus

In New York, fast food restaurants with drive-up windows are eclipsed by fast food trucks with walk-up windows.

Twin Cities: The Not-Actually-Spoils of the Food Wars

The Camelot crew is riding through Minneapolis in an old bus painted with the message “Free Organic Food” when, idling at a stoplight, a van pulls up in the next lane.

The Vehicle of Street Food Is Getting an Overhaul

Those who manufacture catering trucks are rushing to accommodate such special requests, which have rescued their industry from a recession-induced plunge in demand for the more traditional taco and hamburger trucks.

Mossfire, O’Brothers Brothers Launch Food Truck

Submitted by Gary Mills The family behind two well known Jacksonville restaurants, Mossfire Grill and O'Brothers Irish Pub, both in the Five Points/Riverside neighborhood is...