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Johnson, TN: Can City Rules Stomach Food Trucks?

The purveyors of a new mobile eatery in downtown Johnson City are hitching their wagon to the recent rise in popularity of food trucks, although some regulatory speed bumps may slow progress.

Westwood, CA: First Food Truck Lot Opens in Westwood amid Support, Backlash

“There’s a huge demand for food trucks. The food is good; it’s chef-driven, (and) it’s very fresh,” Fogel said. “I don’t think they can push the genie back in the bottle anymore.”

Elk Grove, CA: City Council to Again Discuss Food Trucks

Food Trucks can only sell at 1 location for 15 mins from 7am - 2pm.

Food Trucks a Success

“It seems to be a success story in Raleigh,” said Councilor Randy Stagner

Torrance, CA: Food Truck Raid Outrages Fundraisers

Police raided the gathering and issued citations to trucks

Tonight’s City Council Meeting: Regulations for Mobile Food Vendors

A proposal will be made to amend the City's municipal code to include regulations for mobile food vendors.

5 Important Things to Know Before Starting your Own Food Vending Business

Buy your food vending unit from a company you can trust

Hawthorne, CA Looks to Distinguish Between Gourmet Food Trucks, ‘Roach Coaches’

Proposed changes would require truck gatherings in private parking lots to comply with several rules to ensure that they don't become a nuisance.

Hermosa Beach: Panel Moves Forward With Food Truck Talk

The Hermosa Beach Parks and Recreation Commission has agreed to continue the City Council’s discussion on food trucks by studying where in the community vendors can best serve residents and businesses.