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Jacksonville, FL: Food Truck Food Court Coming to Jacksonville

The Food Court will be near Beach Boulevard and Carmichael on the Southside. Hashem says he'd like 3-5 food trucks each weekday for lunch. For business customers, an old store on the property is being renovated to accommodate business meetings while customers enjoy their food.

Saint Cloud, MN: How Wild Wille’s Food Truck Connects with Customers Using Social Media

Minnesotans Deb and Les Wille were looking for an ‘off-season’ opportunity to complement their existing horizontal drilling business. Combining their love of food and motorcycles, they landed on a food truck concept called Wild Wille’s Sandwich Shack.

Chicago, IL: Jianbing, the Street Food You’ve Never Heard Of, Is Now in Chicago

he street food called jianbing is ubiquitous in Ye "Red" Yuan's hometown of Tianjin, China. People eat it for breakfast or late at night, after drinking. It's fast, cheap, tasty and elicits little of the analysis or hype that, say, whiskey and doughnuts do these days.

Portland, ME: Food Truck Fleet Updates

LINE 'EM UP Portland's kitchens on wheels are emerging from hibernation.

Spotsylvania County, VA: Food-Truck Trend Sparks Spotsylvania Business

Rolling Restaurants is a partnership between young couple James and Stephanie Jarrell and longtime automotive fabricator Steve Brown.

Boyne, MI: Have Tacos, will Travel – Food Truck Sets Up Shop

The business partners opened truck-based Happy’s Taco Shop this fall. They plan to serve customers regularly at Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne Falls this ski season, and will also offer tacos at local events such as the Charlevoix Bridge Drop on New Year’s Eve.

San Francisco, CA: Sameer Siddiqui of Pakistani Food Truck RickShaw Stop on Doing Homework...

I don’t think I we’d have the success if it wasn’t for my wife and my business background. But it’s one of those things that we’re trying to take the best out of those backgrounds and put them into something brand new.

Phoenix, AZ: Food Trucks – Good Route to Opening A Restaurant?

For aspiring restaurateurs, food trucks can serve as a marketing tool, a revenue generator, or both

Lakeland, FL: Food Truck Rallies in Lakeland Continue to Draw Crowds, Despite the Skeptical...

The food truck rallies also bring thousands of people who walk through downtown. Many of them notice restaurants they haven't seen before, so they end up bringing the family back the night night.

Hollywood, FL: HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Bars- Food Truck Interview

"handcrafted awesomeness" handcrafted gelato on a stick that can be customized with unique dips and toppings