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Woodland, CA: 2nd Food Truck Mania Draws Thousands to Downtown

Food Truck Mania is a collaboration between the Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association, the city of Woodland, Mojo's Lounge & Bar and SactoMoFo, or Sacramento Mobile Food Trucks. The idea is that bringing in the trucks benefits local businesses by getting more foot traffic downtown.

Rochester, NY: City Council Considers New Regulations for Food Trucks

Food trucks are becoming a more popular option in the city. But you won’t see them setting up shop on every street corner. City Council is considering new regulations for food trucks.

Los Angeles, CA: L.A. County Food-Truck Safety Program Leaves a Bad Taste in the...

Field inspectors have never visited about 40% of the food trucks and carts in L.A. County. Another problem is that the public can't readily look up information about a mobile eatery's safety record.

San Francisco, CA: L.A.’s Lobsta Truck is Coming in February!

Tom Walton/Fortune PR Apart from everyone's favorite scary-looking arachnids from the briny deep, flown in daily from New England and turned into lobster rolls with drawn butter or seasoned mayo, proprietor Justin Mi keeps it closer to home with Dungeness crab rolls. Fish & chips, chowders, and bisques round out the menu. This is unmitigated good news for the crustacean-deprived -- especially because record harvests have kept the price of lobster fairly low in recent years, at least at the wholesale end. But does San Francisco's ban on plastic bags also apply to bibs?

Palm Desert, CA: Coachella Valley, Blythe Officials to Talk Food Truck Rules

The ordinance allows food trucks to operate throughout the county starting April 8, according to Benoit’s office.

San Francisco, CA: G Food Truck Lounge To Bring Lounge-Room Experience To S.F....

G Food brings a lounge-room experience for high tech professionals, employees of start-ups and passersby looking for economical meals from diverse international cuisines

Lee Vining, CA: Ohanas395 – A food truck in Lee Vining

If you drove through Lee Vining on Tuesday or Wednesday, you might have noticed a big, orange food truck parked in Lee Vining. A food truck, in Lee Vining, in the winter? That’s right, Ohanas395 has come

Burlingame, CA: Off the Grid returning to Burlingame – Food trucks staying at Caltrain...

Off the Grid is returning to Burlingame after receiving the support of the City Council to stay put at its Caltrain location despite gripes from brick-and-mortar merchants who say the trucks are interfering with business.

Walnut Creek, CA: Walnut Creek About to Become Food Truck Mecca

Food trucks bearing gourmet goodies are just around The Bend