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Cincinnati, OH: The Food Truck List

Here are all the food trucks and carts you can expect to see at the Cincinnati Street Food Festival 2013 in Walnut Hills

Seattle, WA: Café con Leche Brings Food-Truck-Style Cuban Fare to SOD

The city's food truck program that launched in 2011 is gearing up for the spring 2013 season.

Worcester, MA: Food Truck Festival

A new generation of highend, gourmet food trucks is on the road

Suffolk Downs Hosted First Food Truck Festival

15 food trucks offering everything from fried dough to Turkish meatballs to lobster rolls

Food Trucks: Just a Step on the Way to Restaurant-Hood?

Are your favorite food trucks more than just a rung on the ladder?

Food Network Great Food Truck Race: Meet the Tasty Eight [VIDEO]

Food Network competition series The Great Food Truck Race returns for a second season...

Starfruit Café Debuts Chicago’s First “Flat Belly” Food Truck

In addition to their four freestanding locations, they will be unveiling a mobile food truck.

Santa Barbara, CA: Food to You

When you think food truck, you might not be thinking gourmet meal, and you wouldn’t be thinking Isla Vista, but you might have to change your preconceived notions.

Baltimore’s Next Food Truck – “Miss Shirley’s”

Owners Eddie Dopkin and son David Dopkin will be taking their completely outfitted truck, pictured, on the road on June 1.