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La Mirada, CA: Food-Truck Craze Comes to Biola University

Bon Appetit, the private company that operates the school's cafeteria, unveiled its new truck Tuesday.

Takoma Park, MD: Cafeterias or Food Trucks for Public Safety Officers?

They really are serious food production facilities," Elrich said.

Food Truck Company Serves Up Freedom for Owner

Lee realizes that for the first time in his adult life, he enjoys going to work.

Novato, CA: May Restrict Food Trucks Outside Schools

The state has restricted the calories, fat, saturated fat and suga

Food Trucks: Now More to Choose from in San Diego

San Diegans craving a quick, appetizing lunch that doesn’t involve a trip to the cafeteria or the nearest fast-food outlet

Honolulu’s New Food Truck: Cooking Fresh for You

After a nomadic start, Cooking Fresh for You now has regular stops

Food Trucks Go to College in Napa

About fifteen food trucks or carts are participating in the program, with food choices varying each day.

Snack Trucks Thwart Nutrition Goals

Fights have broken out between drivers over choice parking locations, forcing him to call the police on more than one occasion.

COC Strikes Deal with Mobile Vendors to offer Moving Menu for Lunch

This week, students were able to purchase crepes, gourmet sandwiches and salads and even freshly made Italian food from the rotating food trucks