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Wichita, KS: More Mobile Food Vendors Crowd Streets of Wichita

Since The Flying Stove’s debut, at least a half dozen other food trucks have rolled out

Food Truck Bans: Good or Bad for Business?

Regulators have discussed bans on them for "cannibalizing" local businesses. But is that anti-competitive?

Meet the New Stars of Street Food

Become a celebrity food truck chef/owner—complete with the kind of lucrative endorsement gigs celebrity chefs typically get?

So to Speak: Food trucks inspire glut of possibilities

Americans standing in line in a parking lot to buy ribs

How to Buy a Concession Trailer

Launching successfully into the mobile food trailer business starts with having a solid business plan

Truck Stop: Breaking for Cake Balls at Angie’s Cake

Cake balls are incredibly tasty and you’ll be hard pressed to stop eating them.

Wilmington, NC: Bakery Joins Food Truck Fever

Sweet Bliss bakery has caught the food truck fever hitting Wilmington, NC

Foodies are Feasting on Small-Screen Fare

Food-truck battles and cupcake wars; little people crafting chocolate confections and five-star chefs forging masterpieces with ingredients from a vending machine

Simple, Fresh Food with or Without the Bun

Call it the naked lunch. A a novel lunch truck where you order sandwich-style or without the bun — ”NAKED.”