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San Mateo, CA: New Restaurant Placarding Program Starts in 2016

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors approved the new restaurant placarding in April 2015.

Los Angeles, CA: What Happens When Food Trucks, Cinema, & Music Collide

Food Trucks and other activities have gone hand in hand ever since the trend started up. Truly the mobile businesses excel within symbiotic relationships; whether it’s doing a rally at a brewery or offering easy edibles during a music festival, the combo of ‘food truck + other thing’ has always proven beneficial to both parties when done right.

San Bernardino, CA: Festival in San Bernardino celebrates year of monthly food trucks

Third Thursday Food Fest, on the third Thursday of every month since October 2014, aims to bring people downtown and show the potential for retail development in the area.

Los Angeles, CA: A Massive Soul Food & Street Fest is Coming to L.A....

This weekend, check out Taste of Soul, a FREE family festival with plenty of food (for purchase), activities, community exhibitors and soulful sounds from some familiar voices.

Palo Alto, CA: Food truck ‘strike team’ feeds fire victims

Palo Alto business representatives, utilities workers and firefighters bring aid after Northern California wildfire

Sacramento, CA: Hot, hot and cold

Watch out for a new food truck from Hot Italian chef and co-owner Fabrizio Cercatore. He hopes to have it rolling in time for the Farm-to-Fork Festival on Capitol Mall on Saturday, September 26.

Bakersfield, CA: The potato taco at this food truck? Out of bounds

The tacos are amazing, frankly. Think of mashed potatoes stuffed inside corn tortillas and the whole thing fried until the tortilla is so crisp it’s brittle. Then top it all with meat, more sauce, a bit of Parmesan cheese and iceberg lettuce.

Ventura, CA: Cafe Society – Food trucks continue to roll across Ventura County

Summer may be about to turn into fall, but monthly food-truck events continue to roll across Ventura County even as the days grow shorter. Here’s a quick guide to where to catch the action.

Talmadge, CA: Food Truck Wednesdays are Back!!!!

Food trucks arrive at The King's Roost on the Talmadge side at 11:30am and are usually around until 1:30 or 2pm.