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Boca Raton, FL: Filet Mignon Sliders and Stuffed Chicken Wings From Sauced Up Food...

A food truck was the perfect answer -- especially for Scala, whose degree in political science wasn't helping him to find full-time work. Since Sauced Up hit the streets, the duo say they've been doing well with a menu serving two American staples: burgers and wings.

Houston, TX: Ripe Cuisine Set to Launch Vegan Food Truck With Help From Kickstarter

One of the things that really struck me as odd was going to the farmers' market and seeing all this beautiful produce, but nothing vegetarian being made by the cooks there. That got my mind ticking, and I got this idea about becoming a small vendor at the farmers' markets and creating a pop-up cafe.

Newark, DE: Deer Park Joins Food Truck Craze

Tavern owner converts Disney truck to Roaming Raven.

Jacksonville, FL: Jacksonville Food Truck – Backstreets Catering Food Truck

I fell in love with the rotisserie on the back of my trailer as soon as I saw it, and from that time I envisioned it as a barbeque pit. It called my name and said “you’ve got to do this!” I love grilling and smoking. I’ve always loved barbecue, and when I finished with the Tex-Mex restaurant, I found myself freed up to pursue this and other ideas.

Birmingham, AL: Melt Food Truck Takes to the Streets of Birmingham, Offering Grilled Cheese...

The thing about our menu is it’s back-to-basics, with some modern twists on a comfort food,” Pizitz says. “So while it’s grilled cheese, they are a little more modern, but they are still comforting

Woodinville, WA: Woodinville’s Barking Frog Adds Mobile Food Truck

Woodinville, WA: Woodinville's Barking Frog Adds Mobile Food Truck

Columbus, OH: Catering Company Branches Out with Food Truck Business

I thought that having a food truck would be a great complement to catering

Truck Off! Gourmet Food Trucks Employ Creative Tactics to Survive Winter

Food trucks are more susceptible to trials and tribulations during the angriest winter months.

New Orleans, LA: Movie Industry Boosts North Shore Caterers, but Landing Gigs Not So...

The last time its catering truck was on a movie set was Sept. 11, 2001, when it worked with the TV series “America’s Most Wanted.”

Shindigs Catering Truck is the Latest Food Truck on the Streets of Birmingham

Add Birmingham chefs Mac Russell and Chad Schofield to the list of galloping gourmets who've hopped on board the food truck bandwagon.