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Franchises Hop on the Food-Truck Trend

The mobile food business is starting to whet the appetites of established companies.

Author of The Food Lovers Guide to Chicago

The Food Lovers Guide to Chicago, it's a valuable resource for locals and visitors alike with its vast coverage of the city's diverse culinary destinations.

Chicago: Best NEW Food Truck

Taylor's offered several variations, including mac 'n' cheese with sun-dried tomato

Chicago Food Trucks: Alderman Tunney, Restaurant Owner, Throwing Up Road Blocks

Here in Chicago, the City Council has yet to pass legislation allowing food preparation onboard trucks.

Pictures: Chicago Food Trucks Guide

From sausages to cupcakes, we help you navigate a movement that's in overdrive.

Chicago: Food Truck Pioneer Opening 6-Seat Restaurant

Foss is offering tasting menus only at the byob restaurant.

Chicago: Food Drive

"And later I went back to City Provisions and said, 'I'm not doing a food truck. I'm not doing a food truck. Wait, I should do a food truck.'"

You Can’t Drink the Kool-Aid If You Can’t Find the Kool-Aid: A Dissenting Opinion...

I am on foot, without pre-packaged home-lunch, hungry and ready to go! And then can't find the food truck.

ProStart Students Climb Aboard Chicago Food Truck ‘Gaztro-Wagon’

ProStart is the NRAEF’s nationwide, two-year program for high school students that teaches culinary techniques and management skills while providing real-world educational opportunities.

Chicago: Food Trucks United

Chicago changing laws, might create new city dining experience