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Philadelphia, PA : Truck Stop – The Cow and the Curd

The truck also offers "infused curds." We tried the Farmer's Garden, which has sun-dried tomato, garlic, dill and chipotle peppers mixed into the cheese. Whichever variety you order, be sure to snag a side of homemade dipping sauce. Flavors include sriracha mayo and smoked ketchup.


“Food trucks like this go over well with people because of the service, I think,” he said. “One of my favorite parts about doing this is meeting the people and talking to them.”

Food Trucks: Top Food Trends Forecast for 2011

Dozens of food websites, food marketers, restaurant associations, celebrities, bloggers and blowhards have posted their pet predictions for 2011. How can you tell what's media noise and what's legit?

Takosher: Nation’s First Kosher Truck Dishes Up Brisket & Latke Tacos

By Elina Shatkin Guzzle & Nosh A brisket taco (left) from the Takosher Truck and its co-founders (right). The People of the Book (finally) become the People...