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Cincinnati: More Mobile Food

You’ll be able to buy quesadillas from an Air Stream trailer, and crepes from a mini-trailer pulled by a Mini Cooper.

Cincinnati: Foodquest – Taco Azul & Servatii Yogurt

Taco Azul was parking on Court St. , Downtown’s food court. Lots of choices here, including two food trucks.

Cincinnati: Señor Roy’s Taco Patrol to Close…. Seriously?

There have been rumors going around that they might be going under, but this is the first credible comment I've seen that indicates the establishment may close. I've had good food from the mobile eatery, and will be sorry to see them go.

Cincinnati Food Truck Gets Some Love, But Not Too Much, From Business Week

A food vending truck that parks around Downtown and Over-the-Rhine is one of 16 such mobile restaurants nationwide featured this week by Businessweek.

Cincinnati: Couple Serves Mardi Gras on Wheels

New Orleans to Go, which started as a restaurant in Springdale, and is now a food truck. When they park somewhere, they turn on Louisiana music, put out some tables and chairs and might even throw out a few beads.

Cincinnati: Keep on Food Truckin’

The food trucks have arrived in Greater Cincinnati. Three operators up and running around town, fourth on the way

Cincinnati City Council Approves New Mobile Food Vendor Program

Cincinnati’s City Council this afternoon approved the Mobile Food Vendor Pilot Program, as proposed by Councilmember Laure Quinlivan, by a 7-1 margin....

Cincinnati Food Truck Alliance Pushing New Policies

Cincinnati Food Truck Alliance pushing new policies surrounding industry...

Cincinnati Offers a 4th Spot For Mobile Food Trucks!

Cincinnati now offers a fourth spot for mobile food trucks to park - at the foot of the Purple People Bridge.

Mobile Restaurants Open in Cincinnati Parking Lots

Cincinnati - Monday is a new day for downtown dining in Cincinnati as the city dedicates prime parking spaces to mobile restaurants, for the first time.