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Food Trucks Have Steered their Own Course in Denver this Summer – Without

The Justice League of Street Food will throw another bash on Saturday, August 13

Seattle: City Council Committee Adopts New Street Food Legislation

A vibrant street food community in Seattle is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Denver, CO: Gourmet Food Trucks are Again on a Roll!

The action got so heated last year that a Denver City Council committee held a hearing to consider the city's regulations regarding trucks.

Seattle: Restaurant Owner Tries To Rev Up Opposition to Street Food Plan

Rivas annually pays $100,000 in rent for his Capitol Hill location, and worries food truck operators without similar financial burdens could undercut his prices.

Seattle: Food Truck Debate Moves to City Council Committee

The fervor over food trucks reached city council this morning, as people had their first opportunity to comment on proposed legislation that's intended to invigorate the city's mobile food scene.

Jackson, Miss: Food Fight? Eateries Want Say

"As a restaurateur ... the idea of having a mobile food service entity move at will to sell food at peak times and take business from the very neighborhoods we've worked and built up - that's a concern," said Sal & Mookie's owner Jeff Good

Minneapolis: Smack Shack Hits the Streets on April 18

A City Council committee has approved changed to the food truck ordinance that would allow them to operate in more areas of the city.

Denver: Food Truck Task Force Looking At Fast Fixes For Spring

Although mobile food vendors are currently banned from the Central Business District (not including LoDo) except for areas along the 16th Street Mall, where vendors contract with the Denver Partnership, and in Skyline Park, where Parks and Rec allows some carts, most of the conversation stayed out of downtown itself.

Truck Stop: Meeting on Mobile Food Vendors at the Downtown Denver Partnership Tomorrow

Tomorrow's meeting, which starts at three, is "really just a working session for the food truck operators," Phetteplace says, "to learn what their vision for mobile food trucks is for the City and County of Denver."

DENVER: Confusing Denver Food Truck Regulations – DOWNLOAD & REVIEW

By December, over 150 mobile food vendors had been licensed in Denver, which almost put the movement on par with the medical-marijuana dispensary business.