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Jacksonville, NC: Food truck owner appealing for ordinances, more support of business

By Molly Levine and Annette Weston | News Channel ABC 12 JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County — Food truck vendors in one area of eastern North Carolina...

Bonita Spring, FL: Food truck park coming to downtown Bonita Springs

Downtown Bonita Springs will have a food truck park after the city council approved a developer’s plan.

San Diego, CA: San Diego may loosen rules for food trucks, granny flats, bars,...

By David Garrick  |  The San Diego Union-Tribune SAN DIEGO — San Diego is proposing looser rules for food trucks, granny flats, child care centers, housing projects...

North Bend, OR: North Bend City Council reduces costs for food truck vendors

By Amanda Linares  |  The World NORTH BEND — After months of deliberations, the North Bend City Council approved a motion to reduce the fees...

Toronto, CAN: For Better Or Worse, Food-Truck Bylaw Is Passed

City Council has finally granted approval for more food trucks to vend on city streets. But the new bylaw, passed last week, comes with serious strings attached: only 100 licenses will be made available at a cost of $5000 each, and trucks can't park within 50 metres of a restaurant

Rochester, NY: City Council Considers New Regulations for Food Trucks

Food trucks are becoming a more popular option in the city. But you won’t see them setting up shop on every street corner. City Council is considering new regulations for food trucks.

Twin Falls, ID: Food Trucks Ordinance Causes Twin Falls City Council Headache

Current rules don’t specify how the vendors should dispose of grease, and the city has had to repair clogged pipes and drains where a food truck dumped grease.

Pensacola, FL: City Council to Weigh in on Local Food Trucks

By Contributor  |  Wear TV The Pensacola City Council will also discuss regulations on food trucks tonight. Right now there's typically one food truck that parks...

Wilmington, NC: Food Trucks Head to City Council

With the rolling vendors an increasingly popular option for meals, and with owners like Smith asserting they’re as legitimate as brick-and-mortar eateries, parties have prepared what they say are reasonable guidelines for service in Wilmington with fair play among competition.

Chicago, IL: Food Trucks Remain Driving Force in North Neighborhoods

Don't worry! Even with City Council's new food truck zones and regulations, your favorite street-side snacks aren't going anywhere.