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Los Angeles, CA: How America Became a Food Truck Nation

By Jonthan Gold  |  Smithsonianmag.com If you want to see what eating in Los Angeles is like, beyond the gold-plated Beverly Hills bistros and the...

Chicago, IL: Chicago Bullies Food Truck Owners

Pekarik owns Cupcakes for Courage, a mobile cupcake shop that makes stops along the streets of Chicago almost every day. She donates 10 percent of sales to cancer-related charities as a way to honor her sister Kathy, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2010 and now is in remission.

New Iberia, LA: Food Trucks Challenge Operations Ordinance

New Iberia food truck vendors will be heading to city hall next week. Vendors said they're losing money and they have city council members to blame.

Moncton, CAN: Moncton Food Truck Offer Gets Only One Bite

Only one vendor agrees to set up on Main Street, another contends city charging too much

Toronto, CAN: Food Truck Restrictions “Tough” for Owners

Mobile businesses get creative to make permits worth $5,000 expense

Toronto, CAN: Toronto Food Truck Pilot Project Extended

Toronto is extending the food truck pilot project past its scheduled end date according to a Newstalk1010.com report.

Las Vegas, NV: Vegas Food Truck Lottery to Award Downtown Spaces

The city of Las Vegas said licensed mobile food vendors wanting to do business in downtown registered for a lottery that would allow them access to three legal parking spots on a rotating basis.

Toronto, CAN: Toronto’s Food Trucks Driven into the Ditch

The tastes of anything more exotic than hotdogs will continue to be tough to find on the streets.

Toronto, CAN: Advocacy Group Hands Out Fruit in Front of City Hall to Protest...

It’s a matter of red tape and overmanaging this… I think it speaks to how antiquated some of our rules are. It’s 2013; puritan Toronto rears its ugly head again. Let’s just get over ourselves and open it up to these entrepreneurs

Shakopee, MN: Meeting Preview – Food Trucks on Deck in Burnsville, Archaeology in Shakopee

The Burnsville planning commission will consider a draft food truck ordinance, while Shakopee Park & Rec will discuss the results of an archaeological study connected with a proposed park project.