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Food Truck to Move; Overnight Parking Breaks Rule

City code enforcement receives several complaints every month about food trucks parked overnight

Franklin, TN: Chef Transforms Old, Old, Old Jail into area’s Next, Next, Next Venue

Entrepreneur Jason McConnell prepares to open McConnell House in restored classic building

Restaurateur Rocco Whalen Brings Food Truck Downtown, Gets Cited By the City

Fahrenheit chef/owner Rocco Whalen decided to take a stand on the illegality of food trucks in downtown Cleveland on Friday by rolling up to East Sixth Street and St. Clair Avenue to fire up some lunchtime vittles.

Denver: Food Truck Trend Revs Up Along Front Range with Few Problems, So Far

Banned, bannered or backlashed, food trucks — those trendy icons of urban culture — have triggered a wide variety of responses from cities across the country, from Boston to Denver to Los Angeles.

Mobile Food Vendors File Federal Suit Against City of El Paso

Four mobile food vendors filed a lawsuit against the city of El Paso Wednesday morning. They gathered outside the courthouse downtown to discuss their concerns over a 2009 ordinance.