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Des Moines, IA: 2014 Hot Issue – Food Trucks in Central Iowa

Newer food trucks popping up in the metro area such as the Spot and Magnolia Kitchen & Grocery serve up items like stuffed mushrooms and braised pork over grits, the kind of foodie flair associated with places like Austin and Portland.

Oakland Food Trucks Slowed by Legal Roadblocks

Since mid-June, a caravan of food trucks has rolled into North Oakland every Friday after work hours, set up shop and drawn a hefty, hungry crowd.

Elizabeth City, NC: ECDI Needs to Rethink Vendor Ban at Film Fest

CJ’s Pup Dawgs has been selling hot dogs from a vending cart at the park since the last day in April.

Sacramento, CA: Food Trucks Will Begin Weekly Festivals Today

Mobile food vendors will kick off a weekly food truck festival today in the parking lot of Tognotti's Auto World on Fulton and El Camino avenues in the Arden Arcade area.

Sacramento: Mobile Food Truck Petition Presented to City Council

A petition signed by more than 3,700 fans of food trucks was presented at Thursday night's City Council meeting.

Table Talk: Food Trucks

Akin to the types of trucks that have swept over Portland, Ore., and Los Angeles, they use social media as a marketing platform, spring-boarding them to popularity.

Culver City: Food Fight – Restaurants Owners Lobby for Tighter Restrictions on Food Trucks

At last Monday's city council meeting, several restaurant owners complained that food trucks lure potential customers away and leave the streets teeming with trash, prompting the City Council to discuss imposing more stringent regulations on the mobile eateries.

Three Gandolfo’s New York Delicatessen Trucks to Hit Dallas Streets

Local entrepreneur Randy Wolken is jumping into the food truck business in a big way. He’s obtained the Dallas franchise rights to Gandolfo’s New York Delicatessen.

Save the Date: Sacto MoFo is coming on April 30th!

Often mistaken for "roach coaches", they're actually clean, quality restaurants on wheels, buzzing with impressive culinary activity. From lamb sliders to wood-fired pizzas, succulent porchetta sandwiches to sensational desserts, gourmet food trucks are taking most major U.S. cities by storm.

Denver: Will Gourmet Food Trucks Grind to a STOP in 2011?

If 2010 was the year that gourmet food trucks zoomed into Denver, 2011 will be the year that many get stuck in their tracks.