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Oklahoma, OK: These Okies Want to Help you Find Some Meals on Wheels

Dozens of food trucks pack the city streets, but what happens to the gourmet eateries on wheels once the night is over? Josh Delozier and Travis Stephens made finding food trucks as easy as a tap of a button with TruckItOKC. Delozier said they created the app last year with the help of food truck owners to give them what they wanted in an app.

Toronto, CAN: For Better Or Worse, Food-Truck Bylaw Is Passed

City Council has finally granted approval for more food trucks to vend on city streets. But the new bylaw, passed last week, comes with serious strings attached: only 100 licenses will be made available at a cost of $5000 each, and trucks can't park within 50 metres of a restaurant

Columbia, MO: Downtown Leaders Urge Columbia – Allow Food Trucks on Streets

Vendors would be required to reserve the parking spots in advance and to lease special signs that inform residents when the spots are reserved. The vendors would also be required to pay the regular parking meter fees.

Knoxville, TN: City Leaders Debate Food Truck Policies

Knoxville business leaders packed a meeting room downtown to discuss rules governing food trucks and their operation on city streets.

Edmonton, CAN: Edmonton’s Food Trucks Feed Urban Landscape with Spontaneous Delight

Food trucks offer a unique take on food, something different than you would find in many restaurants,” Yeo says. “They offer higher quality at a lower price, which means people are more willing to experiment and try new dishes.

Burmingham, AL: City Council Considers Food Truck Ordinance

(The trucks) were occupying city 'rights of way'

Champaign, IL: Council to Consider Accommodations for Food Trucks

Ware's Crave Truck may have taken the most advantage of Champaign's pilot program

Montreal, CAN: City Suggests Food Vendors Might Be Allowed Back

Quebec Restaurant Association said it wouldn't mind

Toronto Food Trucks Dogged By Street Food Red Tape

We’re going for the trifecta of food