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New York, NY: Endless Summer Taco Truck’s Legendary Run Has Come to an End

Every few weeks, a reader will write Grub Street beseeching us to unravel the mystery of Williamsburg taco purveyor Endless Summer, which first appearedon North 7th and Bedford Avenue back in 2008. We knew that original owners Curtis Brown and Jeffrey Jensen sold the truck a few years ago and that it soldiered on and off seasonally until recently, when it went on a self-described "hiatus" and retired to some anonymous garage.

Washington, DC: Pinup Panini Food Truck Quits Over Proposed Regulations

Another D.C. food truck is leaving the road over the District government's proposed regulations over the growing industry

Manhattan, NY: Food Truck Parking Would be Limited Under Proposed Vending Legislation

The plan to impose new fines related to vending follows the Feb. 27 passage of new legislation by the City Council to slash vending fines in half, in order reduce their burden on often-struggling workers.

Washington, DC: Basil Thyme Food Trucks Closing Up for Good

Basil Thyme, whose pasta and lasagna trucks are the highest rated food trucks on Yelp, is putting the brakes on its operations.

St. Louis, MO: Papa Tom’s Fancy Franks Food Truck For Sale

Papa Tom's was one of the first of the new generation of St. Louis food trucks. It launched in March 2011 as Papa Tom's Gateway Dog House, serving food from a trailer attached to a vintage pick-up truck

Philadelphia, PA: Funky Lil Kitchen Chef Launching Phila. Area Food Truck

Diners should continue to come out and support Funky Lil' Kitchen and when the truck hits the streets, to "come and enjoy the food.

Chattanooga, TN: Food truck Taco Sherpa for sale

We are looking for buyers and would love it if someone carried on the name

Ft. Worth, TX: Bento Box Food Truck Closes to Focus on Catering

You’re not sure if you’re going to get 100 or 1,000 people [at a festival]. It’s unpredictable how to prepare, especially with perishable stuff like sushi

Seattle, WA: Urban Nomad Food Truck Closes

Noodles no more: The city's first food truck dedicated to pasta is off the road.

Tampa, FL: Stinky Bunz Food Truck Owners to Open Restaurant at SkyPoint

The owners of a popular Asian food truck are leaving the road to start a fixed-base restaurant downtown at the street level of the SkyPoint condominium tower.