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Columbus, OH: Credit-Card Technology Boosts tipping from Customers

The rise in debit- and credit-card use — at food trucks, at coffee shops, in taxis and elsewhere — is increasingly exposing customers to screens with tipping suggestions, which in turn are compelling them to add tips more and more often.

Square, the iPhone Credit Card Machine, Goes Mainstream

I started to notice Square doohickeys popping up all along eastern seaboard.

Rapid City, SD: City’s 1st Food Truck Offers Gourmet On the Go

“We had saved some money in anticipation and were hoping this would be a good jumping-off point,” he said.

San Bernardino, CA: Rutherford Hopes that County’s Ban on Food Trucks will be Repealed

2nd District Supervisor Janice Rutherford is designing an ordinance that could repeal the ban on mobile restaurants in the region, which in turn could create jobs and improve the quality of life for many residents while helping the local economy.

Phoenix: ‘Torched Goodness’ – Gourmet Dessert Truck

Torched Goodness provides gourmet desserts made with organic and locally grown and made ingredients from their movable kitchen.

Portland Food Carts, Moonshine, and Restaurant Closings in L.A.

Portland's mobile food pods came long before any food truck in L.A. aside from the various taco trucks parked across the L.A. basin and the Valley.