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Tempe, AZ: This ramen food truck has a new home near ASU in Tempe....

By Dominic Armato  |  AZCentral Yatai Ramen may have temporarily parked its yatai (Japanese for "shop stand") but its plucky spirit now lives on in more...

Food Trucks Land Steady Gigs at Universities

When it comes to food trucks, location is everything.

Atlanta: It’s A Brave Food World At Turner Field

"We have 240 lbs. of N. Atlantic cod & 400 lbs. of potatoes," he says. "We'll probably do between 500 & 1,000 orders."

Food Trucks Begin Servicing College Campuses

College-run dining services, justifiably concerned about the potential competition, are scrambling to find strategies that capitalize on this new brand of mobile food service without cannibalizing their current operations.