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Northville, MI: Northville could look at allowing semi-permanent food trucks outside downtown

By David Veselenak  |  Hometown Life Could a Detroit staple open up a temporary food truck location somewhere in Northville? It's something the city's planning...

Chicago, IL: Food Trucks at Taste of Chicago Hit With Steeper City Fees

"We have received applications and a lot of interest from food trucks looking to participate in the Taste, and we’ve been in communication with various food-truck owners to answer all their questions and concerns.

Montreal, CAN: Street Food Vendors Get Cautious Nod

They want to avoid situations such as those seen in Ottawa, which opened the door wide to vendors in 1994. They had 105 sign up, resulting in too much competition and physical fights over prime spots. It took Ottawa and the law of supply and demand 10 years to cull them back to a manageable 36 sidewalk carts and 15 chip wagons.

Montreal, CAN: City Moves Closer To Ending Street Food Ban

The aim is for sure to have street food in the downtown area, but also in other boroughs in Montreal,” said Veronique Fournier, the commission’s VP. “Why not in the parks, why not by the river for instance, at cultural events? Now Montreal is joining the ranks of other cities that have street food.

Mammoth, CA: Mammoth Gives Mobile Food Trucks A New Look

Due to the growing popularity of mobile businesses and, in particular, food trucks, many communities are currently revisiting and revising their regulations and permitting requirements for these types of businesses

Sunrise City, FL: Sunrise Mulls Food Truck Ban

Why would I want to allow a rolling restaurant in my city when we have restaurants here already that struggle every da

Springfield, MO: Food Truck Vendors Hope for Broader Access

“I’ve done $1,500 on this lot in a day, which is amazing for this size”

Grand Rapids, MI: Food Trucks & Free Enterprise

Food trucks are something that ought to be welcomed