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Boston, MA: We Eat Everything from Mei Mei Street Kitchen Food Truck

If Boston were a desert island where I was to be stranded and had to pick one food truck to eat from indefinitely, Mei Mei would be it. Sibling owners Andy, Margaret (who goes by Mei, which is also the word for "little sister" in Mandarin), and Irene Li put out some incredibly imaginative and well-executed food, almost all of which has some roots in the Chinese cuisine they grew up cooking and eating with their family in Brookline.

Jamaica, NY: Food Truck Draws A Crowd

The recipes are the same Valdovinos uses at home, learned from watching her mother, Carmelita, cook for her family, though Valdovinos did no cooking herself until she got married. The store and food truck are named in honor of Carmelita, who passed away last year.

Phoenix, AZ: The Best Food Trucks and Food Porn for Metal Fans

The menu is food porn for metallers at its finest, and changes with daily specials like the Molly Hatchet, a half-pound burger with sausage fennel gravy, maple syrup and bacon.

Carson, NV: Heat Makes Food Truck Jobs Difficult

It's the nature of the food truck business: cooking inside a metal box tends to get hot quickly. As in most cases, the key to staying healthy is staying hydrated.

New York, NY: Red Bank – Cinnamon Snail on Vegan Roll

Adam Sobel, owner of the popular vegan food truck theCinnamon Snail, doesn’t get all preachy about being a vegan. Instead of sermons about the evils of the standard American diet or the darker side of factory-farmed animals, the 30-year-old Red Bank resident lets his food speak for itself, and hopes his cooking will get non-vegan customers to connect the dots on their own.

San Francisco, CA: Eating Out – Morton’s Grill BBQ Food Truck Joining CartHop

Morton's, a yellow and dark green truck, specializes in barbecued and smoked meats. You can find the truck at lunchtime CartHop events on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Tampa, FL: The Man Behind the Shark Bites Food Truck

My dad loved to cook, and I always wanted to continue his work. I've been cooking since I was 5 years old, and I took a cooking class in school. I was one of the only boys in class, and didn't mind being surrounded by all those girls.

North Charleston, SC: Tanger Outlet to Offer Food Truck Event April 13-14

The winner will also receive a $1,000 shopping spree at Tanger Outlet. Entries for the sweepstakes can be submitted from Monday through April 28 on the Tanger Outlets website or at a Tanger Outlet Center.

Avondale, AZ: Zoomtown Market & ‘Food Truck Party’ Craze

Don’t feel like cooking a meal or looking for a new on-site dining experience during race week? PIR is bringing the residents of ZOOMTOWN, U.S.A. the chance to sample the ‘Food Truck Party’ craze.

New York, NY: Mamu Thai Noodle Truck Is This Close To Reality…And You Can...

Give the guy a hand, and you will be rewarded with great food, enthusiastic high-fives, and online shout-outs. For those of you with serious cash to spare, he is even offering cooking classes and catered events.