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St. George, UT: Truck Serves Up Corn Dogs, Even in the Freezing Winter

I settled indoors and bit into the crisp yet soft cornbread exterior and was immediately pleased with the sweet flavor of the dog’s wrap. Then my taste buds were greeted by the meat: juicy, savory and still sweating a little from its recent time in the deep fryer. The combination of sweet and salty was perfect.

Medford, OR: Thrive’s Food Truck Festival

The street food scene in Medford is growing at a slow pace compared with other cities around the country. Though several carts grace certain downtown corners and serve tasty menu items, there's still a desire for a convenient food truck court offering an array of cuisine.

St. Paul, MN: B-52 Slider Squad Food Truck Makes A Better Burger

The Bavarian Burger ($6) includes one of those patties, with decent char and a slight bit of pink in the middle, topped with raw onion and sharp German mustard and served on a soft pretzel roll. It's simple and satisfying.

New York, NY: You Don’t Need A Fancy Truck for Great Food on Wheels

My favorite food truck isn't so much a truck, but a human-powered cart. Still, it's amazing and mobile and better than anything people wait in line for.

Leeds, ME: Eats: Moose’s Mobile Kitchen Brings the Barbecue To You

Moose’s menu also includes roasted corn on the cob. “When you steam corn, the sugar doesn’t caramelize the same way that it does when you roast it,” says Kyllonen. “When you eat corn that’s been roasted it’s sweeter and it’s a beautiful dish to serve.”

Fargo, ND: Review – Taco Brothers gets Mexican Cuisine Right

The beans and corn are prime examples as well as the loose, citrus rice and milky and mild queso fresco. Combine these ingredients in different dishes, and you have a paper plate of summer.

Toronto, CAN: Gourmet Gringos Food Truck Opening Restaurant on Bathurst

Taking on the same name as the food truck, the casual fast food style restaurant will serve up the full Gourmet Gringos menu as well as some new vegan and gluten-free options including gluten-free burritos (made with corn tortillas), salads and the option to get fish in the fish taco grilled instead of deep-fried.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Corn Jalapeño Soup & Mixed Falafel from Taïm...

Corn jalapeño soup for $5 and a side order of 6 falafel for $4. Let’s see how that worked out. BTW, this is a good lunch for vegetarians too.

The 26 Healthiest Food Trucks in America

Take a healthy, innovative, sustainable, and gourmet approach

Lompoc, CA: Mobile Meals on Display

“Everything’s handmade except the bread. That’s it,” he added.