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Chicago, IL: Chicago Bullies Food Truck Owners

Pekarik owns Cupcakes for Courage, a mobile cupcake shop that makes stops along the streets of Chicago almost every day. She donates 10 percent of sales to cancer-related charities as a way to honor her sister Kathy, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2010 and now is in remission.

Fayetteville, AR: Shulertown Market Food Truck Court is Filling Beers from the Bottom Up

They say there is more than one way to skin a cat, and while that might be true, actually skinning a cat seems like a terrible idea, and is something that will probably land you in jail.

Fargo, ND: Taking You Around Town – Food Truck Vendors turned Restaurants

Are you hungry? You might be after you hear what new businesses are being built within the same section of downtown Fargo.

Harrisonburg, VA: Food Truck Court Now Has Mexican Food

The new truck, Taqueria, which has another location on North Main Street, serves authentic Mexican food and was added to the court about three weeks ago.

New Braunfels, TX: First Mobile Food Truck Court in New Braunfels Opens for Business

The first mobile food truck in New Braunfels is now officially open for business.

Monroe, MI: Hot Dog Cart Opens Downtown Monroe

The Dog Pound opened in Loranger Square just before noon, representing a truce, of sorts, between the Monroe woman and city officials, who had maintained that city ordinances would not permit her business.

Fort Collins, CO: Food Trucks to Replace LSC Food Court

So far, there are five trucks participating that offer a variety of cuisines including hot dogs, hamburgers, soft-serve frozen fruit, Asian-fused meals, Italian sandwiches and breakfast dishes.

Athens, GA: Twilight Food Trucks Provide Plenty of Plates to Satisfy Hungry Spectators

The chicken barbecue was also juicy, something difficult to achieve since chicken dries out so easily.

Tallahassee, FL: Food Trucks For Lunch? What A Capital Idea!

What matters here is location, location, location. We’ve got the Capitol behind us, we’ve got session going on and we’ve got a bunch of hungry people

San Antonio, TX: New Food-Truck Court Open for Business at Port San Antonio

Launching a quality mobile food court allows us to experiment with what works and helps inform how we can continue growing the property and future amenities