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Melbourne, AUS: Downey Park Food Trucks are here to Stay

Following on from the success of a one-off food event in Windsor last month, Downey Park Food Trucks are set to become a permanent fixture.

Knoxville, TN: Knoxville Food Truck Business on the Rise

The mobile food vendor pilot program confines food truck vending in the downtown area to five specific and limited zones.

Traverse, MI: Customers Flocking to Food Trucks

Long lines are forming as customers check out what food trucks rolling into Traverse City have to offer. Down on Front Street, there’s a busy corner where dozens of customers are taking advantage of a variety offered by four different trucks.

Houston, TX: Houston’s New Food Truck Park Opens with A Big Crowd Bang —...

Foodies descended upon an empty parking lot Saturday for the grand opening of Houston's long-awaited first food truck park.

Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix-Area Food Trucks Grow, Expand, Change Dining Scene

It started as a localized trend, but over the past three years, food-truck dining — a newer segment of the Arizona restaurant industry — has blown up into a Valley-wide movement.

Burlington, VT: Trying Out the New South End Truck Stop

Wai, and the food-truck vendors, are hoping that kind of excitement will keep diners coming back weekly to the Truck Stop. Wai promised more vendors — double the trucks next week, in fact — and shorter wait times in the future.

Raleigh, NC: Downtown Food Truck Rodeo Wrangles Up Thousands of Customers

"The waits have been crazy long all day,” North Raleigh resident Roxanne Hoover said as she waited in line for Parle-vous Crepes, one of the more popular trucks. She said she’d been in line for nearly 45 minutes.

Las Vegas, NV: Food Celebration Reaches Masses

Trucks gather to introduce their own unique culinary creations to attract audiences in the local community

Tulsa, OK: Lone Wolf Food Truck Pleases Sell-Out Crowd at Guthrie Green

No doubt, there was a little stress involved that morning as Philip waited on his wife, Danielle, to bring back a distributor coil from an auto parts store so they could make it to the Green's Food Truck Wednesday event - the first of what organizers hope will become a summer tradition.

Arlington, VA: Food Truck Climate Warms Up in Arlington

Food trucks in Arlington will have a whole two hours to sell their goodies now, as the county board unanimously approved doubling the previous one-hour parking limit Tuesday.