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Dallas, TX: New ‘Best Coffee’ and ‘Best Food Truck’ Categories Added to Best...

It’s clear the food truck community in Dallas is strong and supportive. Even though they’re all competing on the same ballot, they lend a hand wherever they can. I’m pretty proud of Dallas. Aren’t you?

Dallas, TX: Food Truck Review – The Butcher’s Son Fits the College Kid’s Diet,...

Though the food is tasty, the prices are a little much, as The Butcher’s Son asks college students to dish out a nice chunk of change for some of their dishes. They also don’t offer a real “combo” deal – The Butcher’s 3-Way – but one that equates to the same price as ordering three separate sliders.

Dallas, TX: The Great Food Truck Race Is Conducting A Casting Call For Season...

The Great food Truck Race is gearing up for its fourth season, and they're looking for new contestants for the show.

Dallas, TX: Food Truck Review – Tutta’s Pizza

Tutta’s has a large menu that includes traditional cheese, pepperoni or Italian sausage pizza, all in 8-inch, personal serving size. I have not yet tried the traditional flavors because I’ve consistently been drawn to their specialty, smoked meat pizzas.

Dallas, TX: DFW Food Truck Events for March

The trucks are coming out of winter hibernation and working at full capacity again, and starting March 1 and going through mid-summer, there will be events almost every week

Dallas, TX: New Food Trucks Rolling Out for March

Several taco trucks, several pizza trucks, several hot dog trucks. All good trucks with good food. But I have spent months wondering why we do not have a larger variety of ethnic and regional cuisine.

Dallas, TX: New Food Trucks in DFW include our First BBQ Truck

Fort Worth added a burger truck to its truck line-up with Sauzy's Truck.

Dallas, TX: Nammi Brings Banh Mi to the Dallas Food Truck Scene

Nammi dishes up Vietnamese fusion cuisine with a limited menu starring banh mi. Their name, Nammi, is a fusion of two words: the 'nam' in Vietnam and the 'mi' in banh mi.

Dallas, TX: Food Trucks, Beer, and Late Night Tacos

Every Thursday night in February the Design District will play host to afood truck rally featuring free beer (!) and soft drinks.

Dallas, TX: Dallas Design District to Host Food Truck Rally Every Thursday in February

Participating food trucks vary weekly. Check the Design District event calendar for updates