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Washingotn, DC: CapMac’s Last Day Is Friday

The popular food truck CapMac will serve delicious comfort food for the final time on Friday.

Washignton, DC: Chupacabra Becomes Latest Taco Truck to Open Restaurant

On the menu at the fast casual spot, you'll find arepas and seven varieties of tacos, including panko-crusted tilapia, shredded beef braised in Argentine Malbec, and squash and eggplant with chipotle black beans.

Washington, DC: Save DC’s Food Trucks!

This month, the DC Council will review and vote on proposed regulations for food trucks in DC. The regulations, as written, will severely reduce the mobility and viability of food trucks in the District, and will likely greatly diminish the quantity and quality of what food trucks are able to offer.

Washingon, DC: More Food Truck Regulation Worries; LA Taco Truck

The DC Food Truck Association put out a statement this week that the proposed new regulations would make trucks illegal in most of the downtown area. They've created a map to prove their point, too. The Association has scheduled an open meeting April 1 for all food truck operators to discuss the proposed laws.

Washington, DC: Former Olympic Rower and Brother Launch Peruvian Food Truck

Peruvian Brothers will serve items that the brothers say they most crave when they go back to Peru.

Washington, DC: District Proposes Rules for Food Truck Vendors

The proposed rules — the fourth attempt in recent years to update regulations that date back three decades — identify about two dozen locations that would serve as Mobile Roadway Vending zones, where food trucks could sell meals between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. without fretting about parking-meter time limits.

Washington, DC: Building a Restaurant on Wheels from Inside Out

You’ve got to come in, go around in this truck, and back out that window in three to four minutes, period

Washington, DC: Kosher Food Trucks Park at AIPAC

Delegates report the food at this year’s policy conference isn’t half bad

Washington, DC: New MoCo Truck – Little Piece of Heaven @chefty99

Little Piece of Heaven has been operating a bit under the radar since late last year in Montgomery County, but is now being tracked by FTF!

Washington, DC: D.C. Food Trucks, Restaurants Look Forward to New Regulations

The current regulations are 30 years old and are designed for ice cream trucks.