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Chippewa County, WI: Chippewa Falls City Council Imposes Food Truck Moratorium

Vending food trucks are a growing industry nationwide, but the Chippewa Falls City Council wants more information before allowing trucks to set up shop in the city.

Hoboken, NJ: More Parking Enforcement to Come

City working on related agreement with food truck owners

LA: Rosendahl’s Resolution for Restrictions

Councilman Bill Rosendahl introduced a motion which is clearly an anti-competitive measure to limit the public’s access to their favorite food trucks....

Costs of Having a Food Truck

Starting a mobile food business isn't cheap. Here are some of the costs:

Shame on Chicago!

What Chicago doesn’t have is a vibrant food truck scene to match those springing up in other foodie cities like New York, LA and yes, even Las Vegas (we’re at no. 6 on Mariani’s list).

How Much Does It Take To “Buy” Your Own Mobile Food Truck?

Of all the questions I receive, and there are many, by far this seems to be the biggest one. The answer truly depends on many variables.