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Chicago Food Truck Plan Gains Mobility

A Chicago ordinance allowing food trucks to cook onboard appears ready to move forward

Check Please!: Food Trailers Must Meet Same Standards as Restaurants

I know that it takes proper cleaning and meeting safety and health regulations in order to operate this

North Logan, UT: Local Vendors Say Popularity of Food Trucks on the Rise

Entrepenuer.com reports that the industry is booming, 3 million mobile food vendors in the U.S., 5 million food carts

Edmonton, Alberta: Dispute Between Food Truck, Restaurant Highlights Need for Bylaws

Owners of a popular downtown mobile eatery don’t plan to move any time soon

What You Need to Know About Starting a Food Truck Business

It is important to be creative, authentic, and aggressive.

Miami, FL: Second Saturday Food Truck Fest Canceled

Art Walk itself will go on as usual, just without the food trucks.

Food Truck Operators Call D.C.’s Parking-Meter Crackdown Unfair

Public Works has been cracking down on food trucks

Trailer Food Around the U.S: How Portland, Oregon’s Pods Stack up Against Austin

Differences between the two cities are the flavors each offers.

Food Trucks By The Numbers

Here's what a street vendor has to do, and pay, to be able to operate in each city or county.