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Nashville, TN: Food Truck Serves Up Lunch In Unusual Style

Soul Fuel 501, a fire engine renovated to be a food truck

Food Truck Operators in Oklahoma City say they Face Scrutiny, Rules that put their...

More scrutiny is given mobile food operations compared to established restaurants.

LA: Street Food Cred Comes in the Form of a Yellow Sticker

You can sell food on the street legally, with a series of business and health permits

China: Discarded Food Waste Slop Recycled Into Cheap Cooking Oil

Slop oil is “refined” from slop or swill, which is the leftover “food”

Ashland City, TN: AC Seeks Answers About Food Trucks

Food trucks have become a staple on the streets of Nashville, and now they are rolling into Ashland City.

How Can a City Attract More Food Trucks?

Those high-end lunch carts on four wheels are here to stay.

Before Firing Up the Grill, Approval Needed

Operating a food truck isn’t as simple as buying the vehicle and food then parking.

Atlanta: New Law Could Help Street Food Flourish [video]

Howell Mill Food Park night is everything Street Food promised it would be