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SF: Puke & Privatization in Dolores Park

The vow by Chicken John Rinaldi to vomit in Dolores Park has gotten a lot of media attention.

SF: Food Truck Opens in SF’s Dolores Park (video)

After much debate, one of those trendy food trucks began operating in San Francisco's Dolores Park this weekend.

SF: Chaac Mool Owners Say Chicken John’s Issue is With the City & They...

“There’s one person who’s against our cart,” he said. “They say he’s the kind of person you can’t talk to.”

SF: Park Activist Vows To Barf On Dolores Park Food Vendors

One party reduces the conversation to "I'm going to barf on you", we've gone well beyond the boundaries of playfully weird, protest-happy San Franciscans to gross, mean-spirited human beings.

SF: Beefs With La Cocina Coming To Dolores Park, Much More!

La Cocina, the nonprofit incubator, is planning to operate an aluminum trailer in Dolores Park with a rotating selection of food from its clients.

San Fran: Supervisor Wiener to Explore Getting Vendors Out of Dolores Park

Supervisor Scott Wiener is going to "explore" a compromise between Rec & Park and park-goers that moves the new vendors out of the park to Dolores St., between 19th and 20th (a compromise that the previous supervisor and mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty declined to pursue).

The Year in Food: Street Food Gets Serious

Before this year, San Francisco's street food was the domain of those who needed to improvise to make an extra buck.