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NYC: A Hero to Street Vendors

He and another halal vendor off the sidewalk.

Wash, DC: Fojol Brothers Food Truck Denies Racism Charge

These traditions are "over-the-top racist," says Franklin

Rochester Cook Serves Up Meals on Wheels

He likes to cook Middle Eastern and African food, so that's what is on the menu.

Street Food Focus: Falafel

“Top 10 Best Falafel Carts in NYC”

Philadelphia Street Vendors Prepare for Food Fight

The best street food trucks do everything their bricks-and-mortar counterparts do....

Williamsburg, NY – Falafel War Between Palestinians & Israelis on Bedford Ave

An Israeli food truck is encroaching on territory long claimed by Williamsburg’s beloved Palestinian-owned Oasis restaurant, forcing foodies to chose their sandwiches carefully.

ATTN: FOOD TRUCK Chefs! Tabasco Hits The Streets to Find Recipe Worthy of $10,000...

Chefs across the United States are challenged to rise to a new recipe competition showcasing the popular street food trend sweeping the foodservice industry.

The History of New York’s Street Food

Food vending has always provided fast and delicious food to New Yorkers.

NYC: The Latest Taco Truck to Hit The Streets (video)

The Kimchi Taco Truck features a menu that melds Korean and Mexican cuisine, making an unlikely but inevitable combination.

Elmira, NY: Jewish Food Festival To Take Place

The festival takes the form of a New York City street market, modeled on the fabled Hester Street, the Jewish immigrant neighborhood circa 1900.