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Edmonton, CAN: Edmonton Food trucks safe, but inspections hard to come by

On Monday, Metro called the Alberta Health Services' public health unit looking for the health inspection reports for the top 10 food trucks currently listed on the Street Food Edmonton smartphone app.

Edmonton, CAN: How safe is your favourite Edmonton food truck?

AHS re-tooling online health inspections, but no timeline in place.

Edmonton, CAN: The Food Trucks are Coming

Join us for a new event featuring food trucks, beer gardens, tours of the historic grain elevators, music and more!

Edmonton, CAN: Edmonton Food Truck Looking to Contest to Boost Business

It would just be a cart not another truck, but I don’t really want to say what we would be serving. That is still a secret

Edmonton, CAN: City Clarifies Policies for Edmonton Food Trucks

Under Edmonton’s policies, street vendors can operate until 3 a.m., unless they are in a city park. In a park, they can operate until 11 p.m. or the stated closing time of the park.

Edmonton, CAN: Drift Food Truck

Tthe flavour and texture of the sandwich was reminiscent of a Vietnamese sub, however the pork belly wasn’t quite as flavourful as they expected it to be.

Edmonton, CAN: Food Trucks Lend A Hand to Edmonton’s Homeless

They came to us and offered to help alleviate some of the food security issues that a lot of the people that we work with every day deal wit