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Equipment News is where you will find the articles and reviews on the latest equipment & technology products to enter the market for the mobile food industry.

California Firm Helps Make Food Truck Phenomenon

By TIFFANY RAY Elma and Rod Eaton, founders of California Cart Builder, came by the business...

BOSTON: Meals on Wheels

The hotel honcho and his chef partner want to outfit and lease food trucks to Boston’s best cooks!


Taco Bike (S.F.) We’ve heard of food trucks, food carts, food trailers and even converted double-decker buses.  The latest twist – food bikes! Planet Green via...

Mercedes-Benz Shows Sprinter as Cupcake of a Van

At least Mercedes-Benz knows how to stay topical. With gourmet food trucks having become the hot fad in the restaurant world in Los...

The Mobi Munch: A $125,000 Food Truck In a Box

So you want to own a food truck, but you don't know where to start. Apparently that predicament is a common one,...

Sun Powers Hot Dog Cart In Denver

A hotdog vendor in Denver has cooked up more than a mouth-watering meal. Sergey Popov found a way to get rid of his utility...

El Floridano Paves The Way For Solar Food Trucks

Voting for which food truck has the best offering is tricky, but picking one that is the most environmentally-conscious is now a cinch....

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Commercial Equipment for Starting a Food Truck Business

Lunch Truck Runs On Vegetable Oil

The truck sells locally grown organic food, uses biodegradable packaging and all the cooking occurs in a solar-powered kitchen.