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Evanston, IL: City may ease food truck restrictions

The Human Services Committee tonight will get a recommendation from city staff to scrap that rule -- noting that it has led to there being no licensed food trucks based in the city.

Evanston, IL: Evanston to Host Food Truck Fest July 25

The third annual Food Truck Festival will be held at Brummel Park.

Chicago, IL: Should Food Trucks Be Allowed Statewide?

Chicago just issued its first license allowing people to cook and sell items on food trucks.

Evanston, IL: Judge Sides with Evanston in Food Truck Dispute

The city argued in its dismissal motion that Beaver’s never submitted an application for an operating license, Wiesen said, adding that Beaver’s did not submit the application for a reason.

Chicago,IL : Chicago Food Truck to go to Court Against Evanston

I think (the city is) doing a disservice to the citizens of Evanston by denying them potential revenue and denying them consumer choic

Evanston, IL: Food Truck Owners Sue for Right to Sell in Evanston

The city will aggressively defend the ordinance in court

Cincinnati, OH: Mobile Trucks in City Could Soon Sell Produce

20 Mobile Produce Truck parking spots in Evanston

The Power of Food Trucks to Calm a “Turf War”

Think Like A Truck. Food trucks have followers on Twitter.

Chicago: Brummel Park Food Truck Fest Exhibits Evanston’s South Side in a Delicious Way

“It felt pretty up to restaurant quality. If they stop by my building where I work, I’ll definitely come out and have my lunch there.”