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Holland, MI: Teen Reopens Hot Dog Cart Sales on River Ave. Thursday

13-year-old Holland boy who just wanted to help provide for his family

Los Angeles, CA: Food Trucks Offer Lunch Alternative at LA Hotel

“We have trucks that are iconic and culturally relevant,” says Bill Buckley

Madison, CT: Food Truck Offers Lobster, Other Gourmet Dishes On The Go

Each sandwich comes with a choice of potato salad, coleslaw or pasta salad.

St. Louis, MO: Lulu’s Local Eatery Food Truck to Tote Garden on Top

A “global eclectic” roster of snacks, wraps and bowls

Food Fight Over Baton Rouge Lunch Trucks [video]

Councilman "Smokie" Bourgeois wants written permission from property owners

Phoenix, AZ: Chef Buzz and Bee of Buzznbeez Good Food Truck

I feel like I'm Ms. America...or Ms. Bumble America," says Bee.

Comment of the Day: Food Trucks Are All Hype

I think the food truck phenomenon is mostly just empty hype

Providence, RI: United BBQ to Close this Weekend

We hope a Southern BBQ food truck decides to fill that hole left behind by United BBQ.

Medord, MA: Resident Hits the Road with Frozen Hoagies Food Truck

“Hoagies” is an appropriate name because each ice cream sandwich, made with homemade cookies