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Knoxville, TN: Policies for Knoxville Food Trucks Discussed

Our main concern is just that they provide a designated area so restaurants that are here 365 days a year aren't there right on top of them," West said. A certain distance where they're not just pulling in right in front of a business that's already set up there.

Tulsa, OK: Food Truck Wednesday Packs Downtown Tulsa’s Guthrie Green

Hundreds packed into downtown's Guthrie Green Wednesday, but it wasn't for a concert or a farmer's market. It was for the food trucks.

Atlanta Food Truck Park Opens [video]

I just wanted all the food trucks to have a home

College Grove, TN: New Truck Offers Its Own Farm Fresh Food

"I want them to taste like what pigs used to taste like"

Supermarket Guru® Predicts Rising Prices, Group Shopping Will Top Food Trends in 2012

Food trucks events are about the connection, conversation and sense of community

Altadena Junction: Food Revolution, Part III

Will Altadena become the next Williamsburg — the trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y.?

Shaker Heights Native Chef Visits Certified Angus Beef to Promote Food Featured on ‘Great...

"I like to use a lot of local stuff," he said. "The recipes we have are a lot of what we see at the farmer's markets."

Vancouver’s Street Cart Holy Trinity: The Top 3

It’s a good sign when I have to wrestle with my thoughts before choosing the top new street food vendors.

LA: Flatiron Truck

I visited the Flatiron truck at the Melrose Place farmer's market as they cooked up special brunch meals, like lobster frittata.