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Dallas: Food Trucks Have It Tough, But Trailer Permits Are Impossible

"We opened Trailercakes not realizing the obstacles we would face," Lesh said.

Witchita, KS: Schauf Brothers to Open Flying Stove Mobile Food Business this Fall

Brothers Jeff and Rob Schauf have recently returned to Wichita from Venice, Calif., to open the Flying Stove mobile restaurant.

Tweets Gone Wild!

We rave about social media and herald it....

All About Mobile Catering Trucks: What You Should Know Before Buying One

Mobile catering trucks are the all-in-one alternative to a car and trailer for the mobile food business.

Lansing, MI: Varied Dishes on Food Trucks can Literally Provide a Movable Feast

"We're paying our bills and making payroll and figuring it all out," Hahn said.

Roadstoves: A Call for Civility Among Food Trucks

"If Kogi is to food trucks as Jesus is to Christians, then Roadstoves is the manger" says Hiller.

NYSF: POLICE Crackdown on Food Trucks Moves to West 50th St.

3 plain-clothes Policemen wrote a ticket for “vending from a metered spot”

Mobile Food Trucks Invade Nashville (video)

Move over stationary restaurants, mobile food trucks are the new trend in Nashville.

Is There a Burgeoning Food Truck Backlash?

"The problem came when the other commissaries and truck owners saw money and basically just prostituted the whole culture."

Costs of Having a Food Truck

Starting a mobile food business isn't cheap. Here are some of the costs: