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Amherst, NY: Town Of Amherst Welcomes Food Trucks

The great food truck debate continues here in the queen city.

Affected Small Businesses Conflicted About Occupy Boston’s Role in Food Fest Cancellation

Several local events have already been cancelled due to the occupation

Chicago: Food Drive

"And later I went back to City Provisions and said, 'I'm not doing a food truck. I'm not doing a food truck. Wait, I should do a food truck.'"

The Rolling Hunger Feeds Houston With GPS Help

Although this business model creates a lot of flexibility in terms of finding the ideal location(s), it can also make it a challenge for the customer to find exactly where a food truck is at any given time

Gourmet Food Trucks Featured in OCEA Newsletter

On December 3, five food trucks: @Piaggioonwheels, @Crepesbonaparte, @shortstopbbq, @tropshaveice & @doschinos were at Orange County Employee Association (OCEA) to help with a food drive. If the photos are not clear, try www.oceamember.org