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Columbus, OH: Latin Grill Puts its Food on Wheels

The owner of the Venezuelan restaurant El Arepazo in Pearl Alley Downtown has officially opened a second location - on wheels.

Chicago: Wagyu Wagon Ups Ante of Food Trucks

The Wagyu Wagon, at the direction of chef/owner/driver Aaron Crumbaugh, is going to be the newest excursion into mobile meals to hit Chicago, but with a catch.

Downtown LA Challenge: In the Food Truck Trenches

I was practically throwing food out the window while the world’s fastest cook was piling lunches in front of me.

D.C.’s 44 Most Powerful Restaurants – #11 RED HOOK LOBSTER POUND ‘Food Truck’

Powerful Because: It established food trucks as a legitimate D.C. dining option.

Newark, CA: Find Your Treats from Food Trucks

Trucks roll in today for Newark's first NewPark Street Eats Food Truck event.


On Saturday, June 18, expect 55 gourmet food trucks to roll out to Inland Empire for the first-ever IE Food Truck Fest at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario.

LA: Neri’s Curbside Cravings – Gourmet Pinoy Food on Wheels

a Filipino food truck has been attracting hordes of loyal followers; surprisingly, many of them non-Filipinos.

Kaminski’s Rolls Out New Venture With ‘Super Q’ Truck

Super Q food truck’s home base is Kaminski’s BBQ & Sports Lounge, where its meats – pulled pork, beef brisket and chicken smoked up to 13 hours – are prepared at the restaurant before the truck goes mobile.

Sacramento: MoFo, Revisited

C’mon guys, look at the ordinance. It’s ridiculous and unreasonable.

UK: How Will London’s Burgeoning Food Truck Scene Measure Up at Its First Festival?

Though they may have Yanks beat in terms of pop-up restaurant popularity, our 'cross the pond friends are only now catching on to the culinary fad that is mobile food.