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The Food Truck Marketing Phenomenon: Luxury Brands Take it to The Streets

This year we’ve seen high end brands flock to street promotions involving branded food trucks and Twitter.

Empanadas Enterprise Arrives in Chicago

Argentinian-style empanadas, filled with a variety of savory contents, soon will be available from a baby blue lunch truck at a number of Chicago locations.

New Food Truck Offers Memorable Feasts

I’ve visited Chomp Chomp Nation, a new Singaporean food truck, five or six times since it's inception, not too long ago.

The Twin Cities’ best new food trucks of 2010

Overall, this past summer was a great for the Twin Cities street food scene. Here are the Hot Dish's favorite new food trucks that debuted last year:

Food Trucks Put Off By City of Raleigh Until Late January

Food Truck advocates were put off until late January's meeting because the Downtown Raleigh Alliance has yet to complete their research on the food trucks issue.

Charlotte…. Where Are Our Food Trucks?

But if you look around Charlotte, you'll find one quite large barbecue truck, Craig Mathis' Red's, which is grandfathered at Bank of America two days a week; Holy Matrimony Wings and Pizza, which tweets its locations from University to SouthEnd; and one upscale gourmet food truck, the Harvest Moon Grille

Canadian Foodservice Industry Outpaces U.S.

Canada’s foodservice industry is growing in terms of both unit counts and menu offerings.

Food Truck Sells Sweet Street Treats

Over the last few years, the movable feasts have popped up all over city street corners, have been the focus of reality shows and have taken over prime real estate on the former Tavern on the Green location.

Why Can’t S.F. Get a Beer Truck Like Portland’s?

Former SFoodie beer contributor Brian Yaeger recently moved to Portland, where he's combating instant-onset S.A.D. with ― you guessed it ― beer.

Feed The Hungry, Eat From Gourmet Food Trucks

Starting in January 2011 there is a new opportunity to Help the Hungry while eating from Gourmet Food Trucks.