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National News: Food Truck Rally

Food trucks are prolific in most major U.S. cities, but because of Mecklenburg County’s strict laws governing such things, it’s been slow-going for these restaurants on wheels.

Gainesville, FL: Food Truck Rally will Return to Downtown in March

When you're coming here, you're getting a certain experience. But you know when you go to a food truck, you do it because … it's quick. It's cheaper, you know, but it's still quality food

Leesburg, FL: Gourmet Food Trucks May Help Downtown

The Downtown Leesburg Business Association wants Gourmet FOOD TRUCKS!

Charlotte, NC: How to Tell if a Food Truck Has Been Inspected by Officials

They look for anything they do in a normal restaurant.

Tarpon Springs (FL) to Get a Taste of the Food Truck Frenzy

Many of the artisan foods are made from healthy, locally sourced foods.

Salt Lake City, UT: New Food Truck Hits SLC Streets

Food truck that specializes in a stuffed “unsandwich”