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Raleigh, NC: Destination – Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo

I expected huge lines at Sunday's event, the first of four planned this year. Luckily, the church my family attends gets out at 11:30 a.m. on Sundays. So we walked over to Fayetteville Street and were among the first in line when it opened at noon.

Davis, CA: The Food Trucks Are Coming – Street Food Rodeo is June 1

Live music, food trucks and carts, valet bike parking. All in the parking lot of 6th and G Street (near the Co-op and Monticello Seasonal Cuisine).

Jamestown, NC: Tina Firesheets – Bring an appetite to Jamestown’s Food Truck Rodeo

The food trucks have been an integral part of our business and give the community of Jamestown more options and also bring a lot of fun and excitement to this small town

Raleigh, NC: Downtown Food Truck Rodeo Wrangles Up Thousands of Customers

"The waits have been crazy long all day,” North Raleigh resident Roxanne Hoover said as she waited in line for Parle-vous Crepes, one of the more popular trucks. She said she’d been in line for nearly 45 minutes.

Raleigh, NC: Seth Meyers, Food Truck Rodeo, Walking Tours Lead Weekend Best Bets

It all kicks off Friday with “Saturday Night Live” head writer and Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers at the DPAC.

Durham, NC: Food Truck Rodeo at Durham Central Park

Baguettaboutit, a sausage in a baguette truck, for close to the same amount. The website and the actual food appears uh...vulgar, but it was dang good. Lots of "that's what she said" jokes had to be left unsaid for the eating of this baguette and for the writing of its deliciousness.

Virginia Beach, VA: Bro’s Fish Tacos Debuts at Food Truck Rodeo

Bro's Fish Tacos - a fish taco stand on wheels. The Thalia residents debuted their mobile eatery this month at the first Food Truck Rodeo in the parking lot of Whole Foods Market in Hilltop.

Durham, NC: Saddle Up for the Food Truck Rodeo

It’s that time again! Join us for the first food truck rodeo of the New Year! We hope to see you on Thursday!

Carrboro, NC: Food Truck Rodeo to Benefit TABLE

A food truck rodeo to benefit the nonprofit hunger relief organization TABLE will be held from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 16

Durham Considers Food Truck Rules

A food truck would be banned within 100 feet